Quality Mission


"A well defined Analysis leads to a well-coded development and finally a well-managed project."

We, at Excoflare, are motivated by a set of quality goals. We try to attain these goals continuously through our quality improvement program. We believe, quality goals are not a station to reach and stop, but a continuous journey, that continues with us as long as Excoflare continues. Hence, we try to attain these goals every moment, at everything we do, every line of code we write, every piece of software we develop, and every project we undertake.

  • Utmost Satisfaction of Client's expectation
  • Innovative, cost and time effective services
  • Consistent and continuous quality improvement
  • Develop the organization as an international centre for excellence
  • To strive for the upgradation of the technology to meet customer requirements in ever changing market
  • To upgrade the technology knowledge of all Excofloren through continuous improvement training


To achieve the quality goals that we have set, we stricly follow a set of quality policies. These Excoflare quality policies are well defined, measurable and constantly upgrading set of values.

  • Deliver the highest quality solution possible
  • To provide clean, secure and defect free solutions
  • Prioritize quality over time and budget
  • Practice processes, which are defined, transparent and measurable
  • Attain highest level of customer satisfaction