Quality Mission

Quality Assuarance

"A well defined Analysis leads to a well-coded development and finally a well-managed project."

Our Quality Improvement Program is based on the business needs, technology changes, customer feedback, suggestions and process performance. We have also undertaken various initiatives to refine the quality policies and methodologies to attain the goals. The quality Assurance program ensures that the the policies laid down are followed practically through a set of measurable and well deined processes and quality of the solution we develop is ensured.

We involve different other processes –

  • Testings
  • Peer Review
  • Logical Analysis
  • Criticism session
  • Walkthroughs
  • Inspections
  • verification
  • validation

Apart from that, we have a management system, where the Quality Group reportsdirectly to the Technical manager, rather than the Project Manager. This ensures the quality Group has enough independence, power and influence to set the quality goals before any other issues and ensure that quality is not compromised under any situaltion.

management architecture
Separate tests for each of these features are done to ensure the best quality in the solution developed at Excoflare. We undertake the following tests to measure and achieve the above features-
  • Unit Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Failover Testing
  • Usability Testing

Testing for Functionality
Functionality testing means to ensure that all the required functionality has been implemented as specified in the first place. Therefore, functionality testing refers to testing for correctness and adequacy

Testing for Usability
In this type of testing, it is ensured that the user encounters little overhead, such as learning or handling activities, to operate the Website.

Testing for Compatibility / Compliance
Compatibility is mainly established through compliance and interoperability. We ensure that the Website is not only W3C Compliant but is also compatible with most Search Engines. For special cases our webpage could follow the conformance as per Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 1.0 and WCAG 2.0). As a practice we follow the WCAG checklist for A and AA conformance.

Testing for Performance
This involves assuring a timely response from the system, taking into account not only the Website's architecture in addition to factors like a user's slow Internet connection.

Benchmarking & Best Practices
Our resources are increasingly encouraged to benchmark their coding standards and creative designing standards with the best in the business. Not only does benchmarking lead to the inculcation of globally accepted best practices but also gives are resources a fair amount of exposure to international standards and benchmarks which can be lifted and put to use here in India.

Our highly tested software development methodology ensures a low risk, predictable path to success. Our cost structure is amongst the lowest in the industry. Once any project is completed, it is handed over to our specialized quality team. This team consists of professionals who run the product through rigorous quality checks in fields like user friendliness, programming, design, layout and content. This is being done to ensure your product is free from any type of errors and functions in a smooth and perfect manner. A precise quality report is prepared, all the quality issues are resolved and then only a project is finally delivered to the customer.