Quality Mission

"A well defined Analysis leads to a well-coded development and finally a well-managed project."

Excoflare has a commitment to the quality of the products, solutions, and services we provide to our customers. Quality is recognized as a fundamental component of the value customers receive from Excoflare.

Excoflare is committed to the goals of achieving total customer satisfaction, delivering superior products, solutions, and services, and exceeding customer requirements. Recognizing that the marketplace is the driving force behind everything we do, Excoflare implements effective business processes that support value creation for our customers.

Excoflare has established quality objectives and measurements to drive continual improvement in quality and in customer satisfaction. All Excoflorens are expected to contribute to continual improvement as an integral part of our quality management system.

We have well defined measurable practices for Quality. Quality is not a vague term in Excoflare. We define quality of software as a combination of the following features in a solution-

  1. Conformation to Requirement and specification.
  2. Correctness of the solution
    • Desired output
    • Maximum performance
    • Minimum power/CPU/Memory/Time consumption
    • Security
  3. Completeness of the solution
    • Minimum dependency
    • Minimum complexity
    • Modular Design
    • Reliability
    • Portability
    • Efficiency
    • Effectiveness
  4. Absence of bugs/coding errors/typo
  5. Maintainability of a software
    • Modularization
    • Documentation
    • Proper Coding standards

Quality is our mission. The quality policies we follow are our main tool in achieving our goals. Our quality policy is clearly defined, comprehensive and highly measurable.

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We at Excoflare are committed to the continuous quality improvement of the services we provide to our clients. Under the direction of the Quality Group, Excoflare undergoes its quality improvement initiatives. The Quality Group has laid down a precise Quality Assuarance Progam to achieve continuous quality improvement.

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