The Excoflare Advantage

Excoflare Technologies is a highly Quality and Innovation driven company. We, at Excoflare, try to provide basic as well as complex, innovative IT solutions at lower costs with higher satisfaction. This is achieved through our continuous dedication to quality, scientifically designed methodology and strictly followed standards. Working with Excoflare provides our valuable customers with the following advantages:

  • Innovative solutions: Excoflare Technologies is driven by the concept of Innovation. We try to innovate solutions in terms of product, project and process. We held separate brainstorming session for each project to bring out innovative ideas and apply to solutions.

  • Quality Focus: Excoflare believes in Quality solutions. We have strict Quality Policies to apply Quality to every project. We never compromise on Quality. We have separate quality team, special quality architectecture, quality standards, and quality Assurance for every solution we develop. We pass every solution through rigorous quality tests.

  • Affordable Price: As always been the benefit of Outsourcing, Our clients benefit from our low price for solutions without compromising on quality. Working with us, our clients benefit by reducing the operating costs significantly.

  • Wide Expertise: Excoflare is a one-stop destination for all kinds of IT solutions. Our Clients benefit from our expertise in widely distributed domains- Web, Mobile, Telecom, Desktop, Games and Macintosh. Our rich Portfolio ensures, our Clients get eveything they need at one stop.

  • Technical Excellence: We have great expertise across different emerging and legacy technologies. We have expertise in all Mobile platforms. We have resources who are highly qualified, experienced and sharply talented with a bent of Innovation. We have our resources trained with latest Best in the industry tools.

  • Exceptional Architecture: Our architecture not only addresses the basic working needs of our programmer, But also access to latest cutting edge tools, technologies, resources, knowledge and training. We have the right mix of people- Managers, Engineers, Programmers, Quality Experts, Designers, Technical Writers and consultants.

These advantages at Excoflare enable us to provide our Clients with excellent quality solutions, everytime, every project, every Client.