Center of Excellence : Mobile Applications

Mobile has become an inseparable part of our lives. We change dresses, travel spaces across the globe, eat, work, drive, and sleep... but we make sure, our mobile is with us evertime, everyday. It's small, light, stylish, modern, cordless... and also loaded with loads of gadgets and apps. So, the best way an app can reach an user, or an user can use and application is reach via mobile. Mobile applications are always there with the user, proving the most easy and nearest possible access.

This is why, mobile applications have seen a exponential growth over the past years and they are here to stay. We, at Excoflare, use our expertise and experience to enable you reach to your customers through mobile applications. Our extensive experience makes sure you get the maximum advantage, a catchy user experience so that user like it, and best value for your money and resources. We believe, it business, when it pays the user his price, it pays the owner, we mean you, our esteemed clients, with your cost and profits and pays us for our efforts. So, to make sure, that it's a win-win situation for all of us, we use the state-of-thrt-technologies, wide experiences, efficient expertise to deliver what you need.

We also make sure we can provide you a one-stop access to all technologies available in mobile market, so that you can reach maximum no. of users. Hence we develop our applications in all the below mentioned platforms -
  • Symbian Mobile Application solutions
  • Blackberry based Mobile Application solutions
  • iPhone Mobile Application solutions
  • Google Android SDK application development
  • J2ME based Mobile Application Development
  • Windows Mobile Application solutions

We develop an wide spectrum of application in all these platforms like-
  • Office/Business applications
  • Games applications
  • Mukltimedia applications
  • Utility applications
  • Social networking applications
  • GPS applications
  • Vehicle Tracking Applications
  • Location based services