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  • Entrepreneur of the Week by YourStory Team 20th December 2008
    When the time came to step up to the next level Prasanta Paul and Suman Das, Founders of ExcoFlare could have been lured into the charms of the big city life. No one would have questioned their motives or raised an eyebrow as translocation to a large business hub is one of the more established routes to success. However, entrepreneurs are more often than not, path breakers, trend setters and innovators. Hence, the ExcoFlare guys stuck by their hometown Guwahati as they took their venture to the next phase. ...READ MORE
  • Excoflare launches VOIP client for Windows Mobile by 5th November 2008                                   We had recently covered the Guwahati based mobile product centric startup Excoflare, and now Excoflare has recently launched a SIP based soft telephony client for Windows Mobile phones. This is one of the first and unique VOIP solutions targeted for Windows based phones. Some of the screen shots and more information about the products can be found on the website here. And they do have a unique business model, its more of B2B for now. ...READ MORE
  • - A mobile centric product startup by 18th September 2008                                   After a long time I have come across a startup centered on mobile web and mobile applications, also included in the package is a sprinkle of telecom related stuff. We have seen number of existing players release mobile version of clients but there were hardly any startups in mobile space for the year gone past, so much so ...READ MORE