About Us

Excoflare is a group of young, bright minds who are dedicated to provide innovative and next generation product to the world. Our team includes a mixture of key people having experience in the area of Mobile, Web and Data Communication technology. We also provide Technology Consultancy and Software Development solution by strictly following standard rules and norms of software development, which helps our clients to have firm belief on us and provide good quality software solution.

excogitate meaning

"Excoflare" is not a single word out of dictionary, but a combination of two words, 'exco' from 'excogitate' and the word 'flare'. 'Excogitate' means - to invent, devise, or contrive. To think out in detail. To strike out by thinking. And 'flare' means - To flame up with a bright, wavering light. To burst into intense, sudden flame.


  • Maintain superior quality of work, provide innovative solutions to our esteemed clients
  • To embrace new technologies and provide latest cutting edge solutions in the dynamic world of technology
  • Be committed to our efforts and provide highest possible values to our clients, alliances and employees and become a proud part of their success stories


  • Become a market leader in the latest IT technologies, services and product solutions
  • Meeting and constantly exceeding expectations of our esteemed clients, valuable employees and stakeholders through service excellence
  • Develop solutions those are innovative, creative, simple and powerful which help the mankind, our clients and employees


  • Innovation is our Passion
  • Accept and Respect challenges in newest technologies
  • Maintain integrity, honest relationships, trust and fair business

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